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The best shooters and studios to capture every moment of your wedding day, straight from our Rolodex.
You’ve secured an ideal venue and are collaborating with a planner who anticipates your every need—and if they’re worth their salt, they’ll likely refer a photographer from this list. Your decor, dress, flowers, and cake can all look perfect on the day of, but it’s the skillful shooting, expert lighting, thoughtful composition, and fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories as you look back on your wedding photographs in the years to come.
These are the photographers we recommend when asked and those we trust to capture the portraits, moments, and details of life’s most sentimental events. Some of them have shot the most exclusive celebrity weddings; others are the go-tos for the It girl and fashion set. Many of these talents have captured events all over the world; some approaching their work with a documentarian’s eye, while others are all about sheer romance. As for the best of the best, they’re all of the above.
We asked our photographer shortlist to share their points of view, processes, expert advice, and more about their signature styles in their own words. Here, the best wedding photographers in the world—straight from the BAZAAR Bride Rolodex.
The Look: A mastery of the soft, organic, classic, and timeless look that film provides.
The Approach: It’s not just about taking the best photos—it’s also about how I make the clients feel. This is an experience from the first initial connection to the final deliverables; it all must be consistent and flawless.
Expert Advice: Planners won’t be happy with me for saying this, but don’t just trust your wedding planner to pitch the photographer they think is right for you. Do the research on finding the right photographer for you; ask to see a whole wedding gallery or two, talk to them on the phone, and make sure your personalities connect.
Weddings of Note: Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin, Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra, Tamera Mowry & Adam Housley, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom & Nicole Schuetz, Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli, and many more.
The Look: Deeply romantic, Old World imagery that’s timeless in sensibility and style. Rich textures, natural light reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance painting, and bold botanical fashions all inform my signature aesthetic.
The Approach: I take a loosely styled approach, bringing a subject into the best light or setting while not overly inserting myself into the moment. Comfort and authenticity when capturing a couple’s legacy is essential to the process. My final set of photographs is a blending of spontaneous moments with lifestyle editorial compositions.
Expert Advice: Let me know your must-have shots, but then feel confident to let me do my thing. I do my best work when my clients trust me, remember that they fell in love with my portfolio for a reason, and want me to interpret their wedding day in my signature style rather than getting overly weighed down in shot lists. I want my images to be anything but a formula.
Weddings of Note: Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas, Allen Leech & Jessica Herman, Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French, Petra Cortright & Marc Horowitz, Emily Maynard & Tyler Johnson, Abby Elliott & Bill Kennedy, Casey Wilson & David Caspe, and more.
The Look: Editorial, yet honest and intimate. A balanced combination of composed, curated moments and raw, real emotion.
The Approach: Channeling years of experience in fashion and fine art photography, I blend crafted, guided vignettes with candid moments to tell the full story of the couples I photograph.
Expert Advice: Choose your top priorities (mine would be: planning, photography, fashion, and destination); then, build a dream team of experts who can seamlessly execute your vision while you stay fully present in the moment throughout the celebrations.
Weddings of Note: Kate Upton & Justin Verlander, Lea Michele & Zandy Reich, and editorials for publications like Harper’s BAZAAR and brands like Monique Lhuillier.
The Look: I combine authentic moments and perspectives against the backdrop of my experience as a fashion and celebrity portrait photographer.
The Approach: Interacting with the couple during the planning stages with both the wedding planner and my production team is key in my process. Beyond scouting, I like to have input in choosing certain locations for the wedding day photographs in order to optimize the outcome.
Expert Advice: Be a bride on your wedding day! Do all the planning beforehand. On the day, trust the people around you and just let go. A happy bride and groom who are in the moment are so great to photograph. On the wedding day, it’s all about elevated energy.
Weddings of Note: I have photographed so many great people from celebrities to top entrepreneurs, influencers, and socialites. Most of my clients choose to stay private, but I’m especially honored when top industry insiders ask me to photograph their weddings—those events are always notable.
The Look: Timeless and clean is probably what I am best known for.
The Approach: I run a small boutique studio that shoots 10 weddings per year, and I’m involved throughout the entire process. I edit, retouch, and design my clients’ albums myself; I don’t believe in passing off those duties to third-party companies or associates. My clients like that they can call and talk to me throughout the planning process, and on the day of the wedding, we like to let your personality shine. We love candids, but we also make sure we get amazing portraits. My wife, Jennifer, has been shooting with me for 15 years, and we have another shooter who’s been with us for 10. Our clients and their guests feeling comfortable helps us capture great portraits and moments, and I believe that shooting film and digital is essential in providing our clients with the best of both worlds.
Expert Advice: Don’t overcomplicate the process by interviewing lots of photographers. If you like someone’s work, hire them. At a certain level, your photographer is going to be talented, professional, personable, and easy to work with. Otherwise, your planner wouldn’t recommend them.
Weddings of Note: Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, Roselyn Sanchez & Eric Winter, Whitney Wolfe & Michael Herd, Angie & Arthur Blank, The Bachelor for ABC, Feiping Chang & Lincoln Li.
The Look: My work has an intimate and artistic aesthetic. I am known for capturing women, and so I often photograph much more than the wedding. Many of my couples hire me for boudoir, engagement, maternity, and newborn sessions.
The Approach: My approach starts long before the wedding. I work with both the planner and the bride on the timeline. It’s important to me that each couple is able to fully enjoy their wedding day; the more we talk through the details and the desires of the couple, the more I am able to capture the wedding fluidly.
Expert Advice: Allow your photographer enough time to capture what you care about. There’s no such thing as “just a couple of shots” of something important. We strive to capture each element of your wedding day, but it helps if it’s not too rushed. After a wedding, I always print my favorite photographs for the couple to keep. I think it’s important to be able to share them while cuddling on the couch, rather than simply scrolling through them on a computer.
Wedding of Note: Sasha Pieterse, Jessica Simpson, Lauren Conrad, Jason Bateman, Kevin Garnett, Kate Walsh, and BAZAAR Bride Top Photographers Jose Villa & Joel Serrato, and Corbin Gurkin.
The Look: My classic style is all about romance, elegance, and lots of joy. I capture genuine moments that are often unposed and tell a story.
The Approach: The couple’s vision always determines my approach. Some couples want a photographer to be a fly on the wall; others want to exchange lots of ideas before and during the wedding. Above all, it’s essential that my clients feel comfortable, live fully in the moment, and are able to enjoy their wedding weekend without thinking about the camera.
Expert Advice: Please give your photographer your family shot lists ahead of time. It’s the best way to guarantee we capture all the photos you and your family have been waiting to frame.
Weddings of Note: Erin Foster & Simon Tikhman, Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian, Rickie Fowler & Allison Stokke, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Justin Mikita, Katie Lee & Ryan Biegel, Hamdi Ulukaya & Louise Vongerichten.
The Look: I’m driven by a desire to document experiences—from the intimate to the adventurous. The passion I have for my craft is driven by my personal work, the places I have visited, and the people I’ve formed genuine connections with. My ability to distil the sheer joy of marriage into art stems from innate intuition and real care for my clients, formed during the planning process and on the day.
The Approach: The planning process is important to me. It allows me to really get to know my clients and build a genuine connection with them prior to the big day. My style is guided by my surroundings; each wedding has its own story. We love to capture it all, from the still moments of intimacy, the fleeting (often fast!) first kiss, the passing glances, the large embrace with the family, and more—all of which make for unique and lasting visual memories for you to experience again in the future. I work alongside an incredibly talented team of photographers, filmmakers, and planners who help to ensure a discreet and enjoyable service throughout the journey.
Expert Advice: Make time for the two of you. You’ll appreciate that more than anything after the wedding, especially when you see the photos. Enjoy every moment, don’t plan too much that you miss the day; it’s your day, don’t be swayed by others. This is the best day of your life—party that way.
Clients of Note: Pippa Middleton & James Matthews, Ellie Goulding & Caspar Jopling, Camilla & George Blandford, as well as a wedding at Blenheim Palace. Additionally, I am the private family photographer to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
The Look: My work is sincere, honest, and chic—with a little bohemian energy mixed in. I photograph weddings, and I am also a director for music videos, commercials, and personal narratives. My directing work brings a cinematic approach to my still photography.
The Approach: I meet with the couple and learn about who they are and what visually excites them, from art to design, to make sure we are a good fit. On the wedding day, I am there to support them the best way I can and to make them feel at ease. I direct when needed; otherwise, I am there to capture the day unfolding.
Expert Advice: Breathe and enjoy. You are beautiful, and today is perfect no matter what happens. A wedding day goes by quickly, and so I always tell brides and grooms to stop and look around them throughout the day. Oh, and sit up tall.
Weddings of Note: Most of them have nondisclosure agreements attached to them, so I cannot share much. But I can say that my favorite wedding I’ve photographed was Jamie Chung & Bryan Greenberg. She had my favorite dress—ever!
The Look: Our work has a distinct editorial edge, characterized by cinematic elegance.
The Approach: Our background in photojournalism and editorial fashion has shaped our ability to be unobtrusive in the intimate and real moments on a wedding day, yet present in our guidance to create timeless portraits. It’s also important to us to honor the couple by being intentional with the details and provide a curated experience.
Expert Advice: Find a photographer whose work you love the way you love your wedding dress—where you place value, when it comes to selecting your creative partners, will affect the results of the memories you are left with.
Weddings of Note: Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger, Seth Curry & Callie Rivers, Jon Rahm & Kelley Cahill, Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici, Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert, Christine Quinn & Christian Dumontet, Quentin Richardson & Miya Manuel.
The Look: Understated elegance, unexpected moments, timeless memories. Trends come and go, and overly stylized images can quickly become dated. I capture the feeling of each particular wedding day in an honest, non-choreographed way. My hope is that my photographs still hold their power in 25 years.
The Approach: Some photographers are directors; some are collectors. I am a collector of moments as they come. My best photographs come out of honest emotions rather than by my direction. I often shoot alone; my clients trust me to shoot the wedding from the inside, almost like a guest, not detached from the party.
Expert Advice: Hire people you trust; then, trust them. The combined wisdom of your planner, florist, caterer, and photographer will often add up to more than 1,000 weddings. Your wedding should be memorable and meaningful; it need not be perfect. A couple once told me that they stopped using the words must and should and have to in their planning vocabulary. Make your wedding the way you want it to be.
Weddings of Note: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Bridget Moynahan, Ben Stiller, Will Smith, J.Lo.
The Look: I’m deeply inspired by motion, so I’m always looking to capture genuine moments as they naturally unfold. My favorite photographs are full of life.
The Approach: It’s really important to me that the process of documenting the day feels effortless to the bride and groom. I scout locations and master the schedule so that I come into the wedding weekend completely prepared. On the day, I cultivate an atmosphere that allows my clients to relax and be themselves.
Expert Advice: You will spend almost every moment of your wedding day in the vicinity of your photographer, so make sure you are a good fit on a personal level. I also recommend doing an engagement session to deepen your rapport with your photographer—it will benefit your wedding day pictures.
Weddings of Note: Elizabeth Graves & Jeff Young, Sanjay Gupta & Rebecca Olson, Whitney Ford and Wilson Bowen, Candice Cline & Graham Kenan, Lulita Duke & John Reed, Carolina Gutierrez & Thomas de Neufville, Adrienne Becht & Max Bissell, Cornelia Oehler & Eric Dayton.

The Look: My images have a very light, airy, ethereal feel to them—with a fashion flair. I am looking for moments that have a timeless quality and will live on forever.
The Approach: I take a very quiet approach to documenting events. By doing so, I am able to capture real moments in real time. My philosophy is that you live the day, and I record it.
Expert Advice: Enjoy the big day; don’t get caught up in the little things that might not be going the way you planned. The guests look to the couple to set the tone of the day, so if the couple is partying, so are the guests!
Weddings of Note: George Lucas & Mellody Hobson, Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso, Eva Longoria & José Bastón, Howard Stern & Beth Ostrosky, Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello.
The Look: Artistic, ethereal, and timeless. I love a real photograph that looks like a dream. Some of my favorite photography moments often seem surreal. My style captures the reality of that dream and eternally preserves it.
The Approach: I’m strongly aware that I am the person who sets the tone for the day. From the initial meeting to the post-wedding process, my goal is to have a personal relationship with all my couples. I don’t hesitate to make myself an “honorary family member.” On a wedding day, I arrive early. This gives me an opportunity to have some time with the couple. I never want a performance for the camera; that only happens when a subject isn’t used to you being there.
Expert Advice: Your wedding day will feel like a time-lapse video. It’s here one moment, and then it’s gone. Savor every single moment. Take the time to look at your flowers and the small details that you took the time to plan. Take a break from the reception if you need it.
The Look: There’s a dreamy, nostalgic, psychedelic, and sometimes esoteric vibe to our work at Feather Love Photography. We shoot with an editorial and photojournalistic approach.
The Approach: I’m a pioneer in the nontraditional and alternative wedding field, and shoot beautiful and unique destination weddings all over the world. My process is mostly intuitive and in-the-moment. I have created a strong and exclusive brand in the past 16 years by staying true to my vision as an artist first, whilst consistently evolving and challenging myself creatively. I stick to the work I love to do and, therefore, attract the right clients who are specific to my niche.
Expert Advice: My clients are amazing. They tend to connect with my work, because they relate to my stylistic and honest aesthetic. They are often laid-back and have great taste, and their weddings are beautiful and original. Most importantly, they trust me. I am just as selective with choosing my clients as they are with me. Do the same; use your intuition when you first land on a photographer’s page. If it gives you the vibes right away, trust that instinct.
Weddings of Note: Emily Deschanel & David Hornsby, a private party in Italy featuring The Beach Boys & Queen as the live entertainment, a weeklong wedding extravaganza surprise musical ceremony in Tuscany, a Space Unicorn–themed wedding with a real “unicorn,” a Xanadu dance performance, a zombie flash mob, and an en pointe ballerina officiant at a Masonic temple. Other private events include artists such as Edward Norton, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kristen Wiig, and Zoey Deschanel.
The Look: Cinematic with a touch of fashion and an abundance of emotion. I’m passionate about the connection between two humans—their love and the story that has brought them to this moment.
The Approach: The trust between my couples and myself is my priority in order to deliver strong pictures. I speak a lot with my couples before the wedding day to truly understand their story and who they are. With this knowledge, I am able to capture their wedding day and their emotions, since I know where and when to find those special moments.
Expert Advice: Surrounded by your family and friends on this momentous day, keep just one thought in your mind: happiness. Live in the present, accept your emotions as they come, and be happy. I’ll be here to capture all the real, beautiful moments along the way.
Weddings of Note: I’m based in France and have photographed weddings in the United States, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and France. Each place is different, but love unites them all.
The Look: A delicate balance between genuine emotions, effortless elegance, and an editorial touch. I like to create timeless photographs that honor real life and soulful moments, deliver those perfectly imperfect offbeat moments, and a sort of dreamlike quality.
The Approach: My approach on the day is mindful and intuitive to be sure I capture an organic story. I want my couples to feel at ease and truly be themselves. For this, building trust is key. A lot of my work is done through communication with my couple before the wedding; getting a sense of who they are, what matters to them, and how they envision their celebrations helps me to tailor the experience for each of my couples.
Expert Advice: Don’t overthink; embrace all the emotions—that’s what creates the magic!
Weddings of Note: Erdem Moralioglu & Philip Joseph, Frank Lampard & Christine Bleakley, and more.
The Look: We look at each assignment through an artistic and editorial lens. Each wedding brings us exciting new possibilities for us to live in our passion and create a new way to see love.
The Approach: We aim to care for each client’s love story as a worthy and unique piece of art. From that story, we craft your visual legacy. Our clients are the elegant creatures brimming with stature and grace.
Expert Advice: Be yourself in making decisions for your wedding. In looking for a photographer, find one whose imagery makes you feel similar to the way you would describe your relationship with your partner. The imagery will only enhance and complement the beauty and depth that is already there. And have fun!
Weddings of Note: All my clients are noteworthy, but photographing my little sister’s stood out, as I cried behind my camera during almost every moment.
The Look: From Parris with Love is a photography studio that celebrates the human spirit. We aim to capture the gritty, glamorous motion and emotion that make life remarkable.
The Approach: Love stories exist all around us, but they can feel surprisingly elusive at weddings. With so much to do, think about, feel, share, and imagine, the long-awaited journey of planning can quickly become stressful, numbing, or overwhelming. We harness the full resources and mindfulness of our team to best understand what makes your relationship, family experience, friendships, wedding vision, and celebration like no other. If I’ve done my job well, these answers emerge naturally in the photographs. All the while, our time together feels effortless and joyful.
Expert Advice: Surround yourself with kindhearted professionals who appreciate getting to know you, and who honor your ideas and respect your vision. Their support will make all the difference.
Weddings Of Note: Our studio maintains an active list of wedding, corporate, and social clients including Ms. Mellody Hobson & Mr. George Lucas, Ms. Andréa Frazier & Mr. Ken Frazier, the Reynolds family, Shaka King, Seth Godin, The Harlem Children’s Zone, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Behance, The Global Institute for Tomorrow (Beijing), and The Royal Norwegian Consulate.
The Look: Along with weddings, I am also a travel, lifestyle, and food photographer. I have an organic approach to capturing genuine emotion and candid moments, with attention to beauty, fashion, and detail.
The Approach: I value inclusivity, diversity, relationships, genuine connection, art, and culture. I am a storyteller first, and I enjoy getting to know my couples and giving them space to love one another, giving them direction when needed. I find unique locations to capture moments, fiery glances, laughter, and inner joy—all in gorgeous available light. I capture the day as it unfolds. My calm and grounded nature helps my clients feel more themselves and at ease in front of the camera.
Expert Advice: In my 12+ years of capturing weddings, I’ve learned that enjoying all moments as they unfold translates beautifully on camera. Hiring a team of professionals you trust is key to fully celebrating your day. Be present, follow your joy, and shine with appreciation.
Weddings of Note: I’ve had the honor of capturing many private, high-profile clients worldwide, like the intimate wedding of Daymond & Heather John. My daughter and I are huge fans of Shark Tank, so it felt really special to capture their wedding.
The Look: I aim to create an editorial feel throughout all my work, wedding photography included. It is important to me that the images are effortless and elegant, as well as fun, current, and luxurious. I transfer my knowledge from the world of fashion photography to create a truly unique sense of timelessness, beauty, and presence.
The Approach: I’m fully immersed in the events of the day to make sure I can capture the truly important moments. Forming a good relationship with my clients is key so that when the moment comes, there is complete trust between us, allowing me to document those emotional moments just as easily as the official ceremonies. Working together with my long-term team guarantees a smooth and pleasant experience, which is uniquely tailored for every couple from beginning to end. To ensure every client gets my full devotion, I take on only a limited number of weddings per year.
Expert Advice: Don’t worry too much about the pictures. Select a photographer you can trust and let him or her do the rest. Remember that if you’re relaxed and happy on the inside, it will show on the outside. Keep it natural and enjoy your day.
Weddings of Note: Gabrielle Caunesil & Riccardo Pozzoli. And in 2018, I was fortunate enough to photograph the royal wedding of HRH Princess Eugenie and Mr. Jack Brooksbank.
The Look: Editorial, inspired, and effortless. More like an old movie than “wedding photography.”
The Approach: My clients crave refreshing results. I have a unique take on the often overly prescribed genres of engagement and wedding photography. When it comes to your wedding day, a cookie-cutter template will not—and should not—suffice!
Expert Advice: You can have the timeless romance of black-and-white documentary photographs, the beauty of all the details, and modern portraiture. The key is all in the timeline; take a load off and have a multiday shoot to allow for dedicated photography time, and make sure you can still spend time with your guests. Contrary to popular belief, your photographer does not want to steal you away from the present moment; I would much rather you stay in it.
Weddings of Note: Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich, Alex & Erika Orbison, LOHO Bride co-owners Christy Baird & Brian Doxtator, and more.
The Look: Living in Paris, I am commissioned to photograph various fashion campaigns and runway shows. Fashion has definitely shaped my eye, and I try to bring that touch to my wedding photography.
The Approach: Depending on the size of the wedding, I work with a team of two to four associates. I like to dedicate myself to the couple and the details, while my second, third, and fourth shooters handle the coverage of the guests. My approach is absolutely nonobtrusive, and I intervene only to optimize posing.
Expert Advice: Dare to be yourself on your wedding day. It’s your day, so please don’t be influenced by anyone else. If you’re strong and confident, it will show in your photos. I, of course, will be there to help you unleash that confidence.
Weddings of Note: I was grateful to shoot Balenciaga’s last global campaign that was displayed on billboards and magazines all over the globe. Apart from that, I was very happy to photograph the wedding of footballer Mario Götze & Ann-Kathrin Götze in Mallorca last summer.
The Look: I focus on playful energy, beautiful light, and the honest moment.
The Approach: I really look after my brides, who are real people not accustomed to being professionally photographed. My specialty has become mastering complex situations on multiday events, with limited time or less-than-ideal lighting situations. My team comes from the top of their different disciplines in the photo world, and I work hard to curate the widest depth of coverage.
Expert Advice: Just let go and have fun with family and friends; trust your photographer.
Weddings of Note: My clients value my discretion. We work for every planner and any client anywhere in the world. Mum’s the word on who and where.
The Look: Romantic, dreamy, candid, joyful, and colorful. We offer full coverage and are family focused. We not only deliver gorgeous portraits of you and candid moments, but we deliver portraits of every guest as well.
The Approach: We want the experience to be fun and natural, so we focus on making our couples feel their most relaxed in front of the camera. Our team works tirelessly to capture everything without being intrusive; we look the part and are a joy to be photographed by.
Expert Advice: Atmosphere is everything, and the couple sets the tone for the celebration. It’s our job to make sure that you’re at the top of your game.
Weddings of Note: Bryan Rafanelli & Mark Walsh, Harley Viera-Newton & Ross Schwartzman, Jenna Rennert & Aubrey Levy, Alexander Berardi & Dr. Thomas Grogan, the Viscount Allendale family, Whitney Weeks & Douglas Pickett, and more.
The Look: A mixture of documentary and fine art. I seek to capture emotional moments at the intersection of reflection, joyfulness, and intimacy. This allows me to pivot from one element to the next, and helps give my photos a sense of movement and depth. My experience is vast, having shot a wide range of weddings around the world from large, multicultural bashes full of energy to calmer, more intimate ceremonies at private estates.
The Approach: Cinematic and timeless. I shoot 15 to 20 weddings per year throughout Europe. Our company is a boutique studio of two, which allows us to produce work with a high attention to detail, entirely in house. Weddings are rooted in ritual and experience, making each unique. I enjoy learning about what gives my clients purpose and how I can achieve that through my photos, all while allowing them to thoroughly immerse themselves in every emotion on their wedding day.
Expert Advice: Let go of expectations and just be yourself. You’ll gain a sense of awareness and joy that can sometimes be overshadowed by an obligation to put on a show. If you’re present, you’ll connect with your partner more deeply and enjoy reliving that through your photos.
Weddings of Note: Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders & Breana McDow in Rome, Kate Foley & Max Osterweis in the British countryside.
The Look: Poetic, timeless, and atmospheric—with a cinematic feel.
The Approach: I focus on the couple for the whole process and look at every wedding as its own very special, unique event.
Expert Advice: Don’t conform. Choose you, choose what you love, and embrace what you are and what really makes you happy.
Weddings of Note: Stellina & David Katzenberg, Hanna Maria Heidrich & Alex Eslam, Haeni Kim, Amber Koeman, and Jamie Cook of the Arctic Monkeys.
The Look: It is rare to see me with less than three cameras at a time. I carry up to eight different cameras (digital and film) to every wedding; as the day unfolds, I’m moved by which one to capture the moment with. I love the texture of film, and I love real moments. I’m an observer of life, and to me, a wedding is a wonderful celebration of just that. I love to capture the big moments, the tender glances, and all the gestures in between.
The Approach: I shoot mainly reportage on the day, but I also love when the couple wishes to have a moment to themselves and allows me to come along to capture it. I’m never trying to capture the perfect photo; I’m after images that evoke the feelings and beauty of the day.
Expert Advice: Don’t worry about the photos; don’t stress about the details. Enjoy the day; relax and relish in the love from all your friends and family. The photos will show it all.
Weddings of Note: Every client and every wedding has been a pleasure for me. I’m always honored to be let into people’s lives for such a special day.
The Look: Timeless images that convey effortless sophistication. My personal passions are deeply rooted in fine art, design, and lifestyle, and those influences are deeply steeped into my wedding work.
The Approach: I have a close working relationship with my clients. We’re in consistent communication throughout their engagement and in the weeks prior to their engagement session and wedding weekend. There are certainly points where I will direct key shots, but I usually blend into the environment to allow for organic, candid moments. I combine my background as an attorney with our fine art aesthetic to ensure each client receives great attention to detail and the highest-quality work.
Expert Advice: Linger in every moment together and with your loved ones. Resist the urge to focus on the logistical details and take the time to savor the love you are surrounded by. Relaxed couples are what make for the best photos.
Weddings of Note: Gloria Vanderbilt’s granddaughter’s wedding, New York Rangers’ Kevin Shattenkirk & Deanna Abbey, Emily DiDonato & Kyle Peterson.
The Look: Warm and soulful images that feel timeless. I treat each wedding as a blank slate and document the day as it plays out. Inspiration comes from the people, the light, the way the wind carries the bride’s veil, how the grandmother smiles at the ring bearer—all things that are unique to the day and can’t be planned. I’m always looking for that magic.
The Approach: My approach is to discreetly capture the raw beauty of the moment while calmly embracing the unknowns of the day, helping people feel relaxed in front of the camera, and celebrating the individuality of each wedding.
Expert Advice: Those magic moments happen when you are in the moment, enjoying your day. Hire a photographer you trust, and then try your very best to forget about the photos.
The Look: I strive to create beautiful, honest, and timeless images, and deliver a mix of finely curated details, as well as real, joyful, and unexpected moments. I want my clients to look back on their photos 50 years from now and be able to transport themselves back in time. What may differentiate me in the market is my ability to work in any environment and location. In my 10-year career, I’ve shot around the world in just about every setting—from an outdoor wedding in a sudden thunderstorm to the top of a snowy mountain, a romantic sunset in a dark forest, and everything in between.
The Approach: My process always begins with communication and planning. My main goal is to make sure that leading up to and on the wedding day, my clients don’t have to worry about the photography. I want them to enjoy and be present, and trust me to take care of the rest. I work closely with the planning and creative teams brought onto each event so that we can collaboratively provide our clients with the absolute best from all of us. My team of experienced film photographers is personable, professional, and artistic; we know what it takes to ensure each client feels at ease and taken care of on the day.
Expert Advice: Make decisions for you and your partner—and no one else. You undoubtedly want your family members to be happy, and your guest experience to be top notch. But whenever possible, don’t let that be at the expense of your own personal experience and desires. It’s your day, after all.
Weddings of Note: To me, each wedding is notable.
The Look: Our style is a unique blend of portraiture, fine art, and lifestyle imagery. We continue to receive praise for our photographs being very personable—while also being artistic and classic at the same time.
The Approach: From festive NYC Halloween nuptials to a romantic Puglian countryside wedding, we work to make sure everyone at the wedding is comfortable in front of the camera so that the joy, excitement, and beauty of the event shines through.
Expert Advice: Don’t be afraid to express your personality.
Weddings of Note: Our clients vary greatly, and we truly welcome the challenge of photographing in diverse environments. From beaches to castles, we have traveled to more than 20 countries for assignments, including Australia, Bulgaria, Colombia, France, Italy, Croatia, Panama, India, and beyond.
The Look: Warm, transportive, romantic, evocative images with gravitas and style. We lead with a refined, yet adventurous eye and look to capture a wedding weekend with an honest narrative that weaves between a discerning balance of photojournalistic moments and chic, cover-worthy portraiture.
The Approach: We are two best friends who built Anée Atelier on a foundation of creative play. With 17 years of industry expertise and a fashion publishing pedigree, we believe there’s an art to reading a room, and knowing how to influence a moment with a delicate balance of direction, subtlety, and savoir faire. We are acutely aware of cultural, family, and personal dynamics, and we bring an instinctual approach to each couple and event we photograph.
Expert Advice: Those entrusted to capture your wedding will inevitably influence the experience, lending their energy to the moment and, ultimately, impacting the memories that accompany each photo into the future. Base your photographer selection not just on talent, but on chemistry, comfort, and a shared understanding that the process is just as important as the product.
Weddings of Note: Our clients include professional athletes, musicians, actors, hedge fund managers, and other notable public figures. No two experiences can compare, and to ascribe praise to only a select few would be an impossible task.
The Look: Part artistic interpretation, part documentary-style imagery. People often comment that my images remind them of paintings and that they tell a story, which feels natural given my background in fine art and literature.
The Approach: My process is to always approach the day as unique, and to look for special ways to tell the story of the wedding that is specific to that couple and that day. I’m always encouraging the couple to soak in the moment and to really feel what it is like to be marrying their person, surrounded by their loved ones.
Expert Advice: Choose a photographer whose work resonates with you deeply, and whose images you love so much that you won’t ever have to worry, especially on the day of the wedding.
Weddings of Note: I’ve shot so many beautiful events in Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, London—it’s just so hard to choose—but Hayley Bloomingdale’s wedding stands out. It was filled with fun and was so stylish.
The Look: Effortlessly elegant, vibrant, and always romantic. I love capturing the raw, intimate emotions of a wedding and the uniqueness each couple brings to their day.
The Approach: My approach applies fine art to the vibrant celebration of a wedding day. I crave to capture the whole essence of a celebration in each photograph, organically and artistically, always ready to click the shutter during the most special moments and create memories to last a lifetime.
Expert Advice: These images will be with you for the rest of your life. Make sure you articulate your vision to your photographer so that she (or he) can capture the true essence of the day as you dreamed it.
Weddings of Note: Tara Lipinski & Todd Kapostasy, Shannon & Peter Getty, Beth Behrs & Michael Gladis.
The Look: A combination of relaxed and emotive images. My pictures have a strong sense of adventure, a fashion-forward aesthetic, a sensitive awareness to light, and an artistic yet documentary feel to them. I live for creating images that make the viewer feel something.
The Approach: With more than 10 years of experience capturing weddings, my approach is very relaxed, bringing a sense of ease and effortlessness to wherever in the world a celebration may be captured.
Expert Advice: Trust is paramount. Choose suppliers that you connect with aesthetically and personally. These are the people who will bring 110 percent to your day; that dream team will ensure a sense of trust that allows you to be wholly present and enjoy your day to the fullest.
Weddings of Note: I have been fortunate enough to have captured events for artists, celebrities, New York Times best-selling authors, Fortune 500 CEOs, and more. Be it in the Moroccan desert, on Hawaiian shores, in the streets of Hong Kong, or in European castles, it’s the people that make these experiences unforgettable.
The Look: In addition to weddings, we photograph fashion, celebrities, documentary, and editorial work. Our perspective is always evolving and rooted in the desire to make a provoking image.
The Approach: We are sisters. We’re inspired by natural light, vulnerability, and the desire to tell a human story. Weddings have many moving parts and are fast paced yet delicate at the same time. We try and make sure our clients relish in each and every moment.
Expert Advice: It’s worth every penny to hire a fantastic planner so you can enjoy the day and not worry about a thing in the process.
Weddings of Note: So many beautiful ones to choose from! We’re torn between a nine-day celebration in Israel with 700 guests, 30 guests at the Royal Malewane in South Africa, or a private island wedding in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The Look: Federico García Lorca defined poetry as the union of words that one never supposed could belong together, and yet, together they naturally form some sort of mystery. This definition fits very well with our philosophy. We look for the union of raw moments that endow our stories with mystery and magic.
The Approach: We are a small collective of friends with a shared passion for art and photography. Together, we create mood boards, mixing our inspiration with that of our couples and vendors. We love going back to that mood board every now and again before the wedding to get inspired.
Expert Advice: While professionalism and experience are important, hire people who go out of their way for their couples and constantly think of them and their loved ones whilst they work. As much as we are recognized for a certain style, what gets the word out there is that we leave each wedding knowing we have done our absolute best to obtain emotional images.
Weddings of Note: We have been lucky enough to have photographed the weddings of art directors, curators, and fashion designers—however, every client receives the same exact treatment.
The Look: Effortless elegance captured with an editorial eye. In addition to being beautiful, I want my work to have heart and style without sacrificing substance or genuine moments.
The Approach: Each event is approached holistically and collaboratively taking into consideration each couple’s distinct style, values, and needs. I wear many hats the day of, because I want my couples to have it all: the gorgeous portraiture, the emotional candids, the lively (sometimes debaucherous) party photos, and the unexpected moments in between—as well as the curated decor and details of the event.
Expert Advice: Being in front of a camera can be an intimate experience, so it’s vital to feel comfortable with your photographer. Give them all access and consider having them document all the festivities of the weekend. The more opportunity your photographer has to immerse themselves into your events, the more personal and well rounded your final collection of photographs will be.
Weddings of Note: One of my most memorable weddings was Rocky Barnes & Matthew Cooper’s Grey Gardens–inspired wedding. I’ve also been fortunate to work with couples all over the world from the Maasai Mara in Kenya to the panoramic cliffside views of the Amalfi Coast.
The Look: The Stanlo Photography studio focuses on the environment. We love documenting love stories against some of the most amazing backdrops around the world. We are always trying to put ourselves in the right place at the right time, anticipating expressions of emotion and being ready to document events with an eye for storytelling. Our style is high-definition, vibrant, crisp, clean, and true to color.
The Approach: We approach each session with fresh eyes and tailor our shooting style to fit the client’s needs. I feel a wedding should be unique, emotional, elegant, beautiful, and insanely fun. It’s a tale of families and friendships, a reminder of times passed, and a stepping stone for the future. We adjust for factors like the location, lighting, and what the client preferences are. We’re always paying close attention, listening in on conversations and anticipating that smile, laugh, tear, or hug.
Expert Advice: Spend some time researching your vendors. Make sure they are perfect for you. Once you have chosen your vendors, trust them.
Weddings of Note: Erica Mena & Safaree Samuels, Porsha Williams, Kimbella Vanderhee & LaRon James, LeToya Luckett, Eva Marcille Sterling, Khadeen & Devale Ellis. We have had the pleasure of assignments in more than 15 countries including Greece, Dubai, Italy, the Bahamas, and Africa among others.
The Look: The style of my photography aims to connect with your emotions in a very real way. I’m constantly looking for a balance between a documentary feel and an editorial look.
The Approach: We seek to form a natural and personal relationship with our clients, getting to know their story, their family, and their friends. My biggest inspiration comes from my wife, who is also a wedding photographer. Gabriel, my assistant, is also an essential part of the team. Our collaboration and personal connection to the work is how we make honest and meaningful photographs.
Expert Advice: Time goes by very fast; forget about the cameras and spend the day having fun, hugging, kissing, and partying. We take being in charge of your memories as a big responsibility. In 15 years, we hope you will show these photographs to your children, friends, and family, and use them to remember the day.
Weddings of Note: I have been lucky to work with couples who trust my vision in countries like Mexico, France, Italy, Colombia, Spain, and more.
The Look: I create images that capture the essence of my couples with authenticity and precision. I’ve been honored to photograph more than 650 weddings all over the globe.
The Approach: I love learning the story of the couples I get to photograph, and I give myself fully to each wedding. In order to have such a defined and exclusive focus, I now shoot only 10 to 15 weddings per year. I’ve had the privilege of working with the best planners and creatives in the industry, and it’s this teamwork that ensures each couple’s needs and desires are met.
Expert Advice: Choosing an event planner is the most important decision you can make—beyond choosing your spouse, of course.
Weddings of Note: I’ve had many pinch-me moments with so many great clients, but like any gentleman, I don’t kiss and tell.
The Look: Natural, honest, and unassuming. I focus on documenting the unique mood of each wedding in a nonintrusive, heartfelt, and poetic manner to create images that are timeless and impactful.
The Approach: From the initial inquiry, my objective is to intimately discover the couple’s personality and style. This empowers me to tailor my approach accordingly and deliver images they will cherish. I bring a very human perspective to my weddings; my priority is to make sure couples feel amazing on their wedding day and ensure their personalities come through in their photos.
Expert Advice: Let go of what you believe weddings should or should not be and focus on creating a celebration that feels true to who you are as a couple. Don’t be shy about letting your vendors know exactly what you want. Let your photographer know of the types of images you will value the most, and even the ones you don’t necessarily care for. Don’t feel restrained by what you think wedding photography should look like.
Weddings of Note: I have been honored to photograph amazing clients from artists to entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Each client is VIP in my book!
The Look: Beauty, style, and legacy—photographed with a timeless aesthetic. We use a layered strategy, merging editorial, documentary, and fine art styles of shooting.
The Approach: Our approach is simple. We explore, collaborate, and create. We’re looking to document you in your truest form. Our unique worldview and ability to engage with people is what allows us to create narrative imagery that stands alone; our work is emotional, connected, and nuanced.
Expert Advice: Immerse yourself in this exceptional experience by being present, confident, and authentic.
Weddings of Note: Photographing the weddings of fashion icon Ralph Lauren’s family certainly stands out.
The Look: I’m drawn to an elevated yet romantic aesthetic. I strive for sincere and compelling photographs in a modern fashion, focusing on beautiful storytelling through chic imagery that speaks true to the unique celebrations of my clients.
The Approach: I approach each wedding with thoughtfulness, extensive preparation, and the utmost care. I work closely with my clients throughout the entire process, and I am devoted to documenting a full story with emphasis on the intimate moments. My goal is to capture unspoken subtleties—between couples with their expression of love, the profound dedication of friends and family, and the unfolding soiree.
Expert Advice: Stay true to your style and don’t be afraid to make bold choices.
Weddings of Note: My discerning clients typically request privacy, which I am dedicated to honoring, but I am grateful to have worked all over the United States, Europe, and Asia.
The Look: Editorial and photojournalistic. We feel really drawn to both the chic and sophisticated, as well as the fun and energy-filled moments of a wedding day.
The Approach: We view each event as its own unique experience, which we completely delve into. Our approach is a combination of preparation and flexibility; we want to ensure structured elements like family photos run smoothly, but we also want to be open to the different energies and subtle magic that each wedding brings. We shoot both film and digital throughout the day and night.
Expert Advice: Shooting a pre-wedding event, welcome dinner, or rehearsal dinner puts us at a big advantage for the wedding day. We get to know the who’s who amongst our couple’s family and friends, which creates familiarity for everyone involved. Most importantly, we want our couples to feel comfortable.
Weddings of Note: Laura Prepon & Ben Foster, Melissa Benoist & Chris Wood, Chad & Elise Hurley, Brynn & Ness Saban.
The Look: Timeless, editorial, airy, bright, and real. I’ve developed a calm, confident, and kind shooting demeanor, with an ability to quickly assess a scene and adapt to any changes in the moment.
The Approach: My process is simple; I prepare thoroughly through conversations and careful study of timelines and details, so that on the day of the wedding, I can focus on being in the right place at the right time.
Expert Advice: You set the tone for the day and everyone follows your lead. If you are worried about the weather, everyone worries with you. If you are blissfully unaware of anything other than how ridiculously happy you are, everyone follows suit.
Weddings of Note: I’ve photographed weddings around the globe from Hong Kong to the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, the Caribbean, a mile down the street from my home, and more.
The Look: My look is classic, elegant, and joyful. I try to bring a sense of history to my work—either in selecting particular backgrounds or via the quality of the image itself. I choose certain surroundings and consider the color palette in advance. After that, all the actions and emotions are just the tale of a wedding day unfolding.
The Approach: I do my best to cultivate relationships with every couple so that I’m a warm, familiar face on the wedding day. I learn the names of every family member and wedding party member to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.
Expert Advice: Enjoy your day! Have fun!
Weddings of Note: Zanna Roberts Rassi & Mazdack Rassi and shooting at Martha Stewart’s home for her niece’s wedding.
The Look: Our work is a blend of reason and passion. We love symmetry, the abstract, natural light, and real moments. I believe a unique feature of our work is how we blend a moody feel with elegance and timelessness.
The Approach: I work with my partner (in business and life), Hannah. We focus on establishing a connection and getting to know our clients well. On the day itself, we stay present and in the moment by approaching the event in a documentary storytelling manner.
Expert Advice: Follow your gut. Research and look for the suppliers who have an emotional impact on you. How you feel in relation to their work and how you connect with them as a person is really important.
Clients of Note: Amber Rae, Lara Jade, Jessica Ellerby & Nick Hendrix, Stephanie Leonidas & Robert Boulter, Sabrina Choquette-Tully, Sam Twomey, Kirill Makharinsky, and more. We’ve also had the pleasure to shoot weddings all over the world—from the U.S.A. to Barbados, China, New Zealand, Iceland, Morocco, and across Europe.
The Look: Editorial and vibrant. I’m always seeking the hidden beauty that is unposed, effortless, and lively—and the best natural light possible. Meaningful moments, when composed just right, reveal the story of the day in the most heartfelt way.
The Approach: We are a Manhattan-based studio of six photographers and a filmmaker. It’s important to us that our clients feel well taken care of. In advance of a booking, we always try to meet our couples in person to make sure we’re a good fit for each other and hear about their vision. We like to be involved in the timeline process, and we scout every wedding venue in advance. At the wedding, we shoot in a very discreet, unobtrusive manner. When posing my couples, I guide gently to extract their playful side—but also let them be themselves.
Expert Advice: Find a photographer you trust, whose work you love, and make sure you have a great chemistry with him or her. If possible, do an engagement session so you all get some time together to connect before the wedding day.
Weddings of Note: NY State senator Alessandra Biaggi & Nathaniel Koloc, Sydney Esiason & Matt Martin, Lucie Fink & Michael Morris, Greg Pass & Yukari Matsuzawa; Kristin Tice Studeman & Jake Greenblatt.

The Look: I worked as a fashion photographer before moving into weddings, and so my goal is to always showcase the couple and their day in the most beautiful, emotive, and editorial manner possible. I’m a perfectionist; I spend countless hours editing to achieve that consistent elegance.
The Approach: Laid-back, friendly, and always professional. I am used to working with big teams at high-profile events and am always happy to help guide couples throughout the day. We have a reputation for helping couples remain relaxed—and happy—from the start of the day, through portraits, the reception, and into late-night dancing.
Expert Advice: Always—always—give yourself more time than you think you need. Having a little wiggle room can make all the difference between feeling pressured or excited. Your peace of mind should always take priority.
Weddings of Note: Most of my weddings are kept under lock and key via nondisclosure agreements, but I can say that I’ve shot incredible weddings for the Alakija, Dumas, Lejeune & Deighton families, along with owners of international fashion design houses.
The Look: The photos of mine I am most proud of are those that have that little bit of something you can almost feel when looking at them. It’s a combination of realness, spontaneity, and direction.
The Approach: My background in photography comes from photographing lifestyle and fashion, as well as years of shooting bands both on and offstage. I direct my couples to put them at ease, so they don’t have to feel that they are performing for the camera. I take that nervous feeling away as we move through the day.
Expert Advice: The creative talent you hire has the ability to set the tone of the event. Make sure they are people that put you at ease, take care of you, and that you want to spend your time with.
Weddings of Note: I’ve shot celebrities, musicians, models, and the like, but I feel that what I do is a collaboration and partnership with whoever it is I’m shooting.

The Look: My style—visually and personally—has stayed consistent in my 10+ years in business. I don’t bend to trends or take up the latest fad. My work is consistently classic and something I hope my clients will love from the moment they see it to when they’re celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and beyond.
The Approach: There can be such a charge and expectation around a wedding day, so I do my part to make the process as calming, easy, and natural as possible. When a client reaches out to me, it’s me they’re talking to; we build a trusting and comfortable relationship from the get-go. I do my part to bring a calming and positive energy, and I interfere as little as possible to provide images that feel genuine and sincere to the client and their day.
Expert Advice: Look through a photographer’s full portfolio; ask to see a wedding in its entirety that they’ve recently shot, instead of booking them off of what they’ve posted on social media. You’ll get a sense of how they work, as well as what the final outcome will be for your wedding.
Weddings of Note: Events for the top wedding planners and designers like Jacin Fitzgerald, Calder Clark, Jessica Sloane, Tara Guérard, Alison Events, Bash Please, Soirée Telluride, Hello Gem, Easton Events, A Day in May, Bluebird Events, New Leaf Design, Jaclyn Journey, RobbinsOtoya, and Crosby + Jon—just to name a few.

The Look: My images are romantic and timeless. My style is a mixture of editorial and documentary, shot on film. I believe in a balance of candid and curated moments. I focus on capturing joy and authentic moments in an effortless way.
The Approach: Being photographed is an intimate moment, and I focus on making a true connection with my couples to make them feel comfortable in front of my lens. I believe in the power of love and the importance of family. My goal is for my couples to have beautiful images from their wedding day, but also to be able to spend that valuable time with your family and friends celebrating. My team has been with me since the start of my company; we have traveled the world together. They’re experienced, professional, authentic storytellers and an integral part of making the experience seamless for my couples.
Expert Advice: My advice is simple yet important. You hired some amazing vendors. They are professionals and will take care of any last-minute hiccups that may arise—enjoy your wedding day.
Weddings of Note: All my wonderful clients. Getting to be part of their family history is an honor I don’t take lightly.
The Look: We’re known for capturing light and airy images with an eye for detail. Our photographs showcase the joy of special moments and the effortless beauty of our couples.
The Approach: We’re a husband and wife team who utilize one another’s strengths when capturing a wedding. We are most often complimented on our professionalism and how comfortable and relaxed our clients feel in front of the camera.
Expert Advice: The best moments captured are authentic moments. Being in the moment is the best advice we can give any couple.
Weddings of Note: Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard & Hayley Stommel, Randy Houser & Tatiana Starzynski, Justin Turner & Kourtney Pogue.
The Look: I am passionate about shooting film. I love authentic, timeless photographs with soft, grainy, delicate, and beautiful details. Being profoundly deaf is a blessing; I pride myself in reading emotions so well.
The Approach: There’s a language we all know without realizing: body language. I have adopted this method when shooting clients and I believe that gesture and quietness are the key to achieving a natural softness and calm attitude. It is important to clients to know that they can expect consistent quality from me, as well as really good coverage of their wedding from start to finish.
Expert Advice: Book a wedding photographer who you want to be friends with. Most photographers carefully curate the best images for their platforms, so I always suggest to take time and look at a few full galleries.
Weddings of Note: I’ve been fortunate to work with many amazing couples all over the world. Photographing Iwona Cichosz-Yggeseth and Truls Yggeseth in Poland stands out.
The Look: Capturing the essence of joy between a couple and those they love. I strive to create natural, timeless images with an editorial feel that can be relived and enjoyed for years to come.
The Approach: From the second I pick up my camera, my goal is to make people feel beautiful and comfortable. I bring encouragement and positivity to help settle the butterflies, direction when needed, subtlety when a moment unexpectedly unfolds, and a good time when the music starts.
Expert Advice: Don’t forget what it’s all about. There are so many channels of influence to help you shape the details of a beautiful wedding, but remember to prepare yourself to truly celebrate. Enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast!
The Look: I combine a background in fashion and documentary photography to create my own unique style. I create images that feel candid, while showing you off in the best light, and at the most flattering angle.
The Approach: My first priority is to make my clients feel like the best version of themselves in front of my lens. Nothing else matters if they don’t like the way they look in their photos. I work closely with my planners and clients so everything from the styling of my flat lays to the selection of their portrait locations all live within their color story and desired aesthetic.
Expert Advice: Photographers will show their best work on their Instagram and portfolio, but to get a real sense of what your deliverable will look like, ask to see a full gallery.
Weddings of Note: Shooting in the South of France, on the Amalfi Coast, at a private estate on the shores of Weligama in Sri Lanka, WNBA player Elena Delle Donne & Amanda Clifton, and ABC’s Bachelor alums Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon.
The Look: Keeping images classic and natural is my aesthetic, alongside capturing authentic moments.
The Approach: How my clients feel is everything to me. My approach is delicate with direction. My clients trust my decisions explicitly which makes creating moments for them a breeze.
Expert Advice: Be unapologetically yourself, and let your photographer capture your inner beauty, too.
Weddings of Note: Alongside the Jose Villa team, I’ve worked on the weddings of Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Justin & Hailey Bieber, and more.

The Look: I love delivering something that will mean so much for many years to come. I am a documentary photographer who tells stories through design, fashion, and style.
The Approach: Relaxed, sophisticated, and dialed-in. Our approach is simple: We are one of your friends or guests who is attending your celebration—we just have a camera there, too. I also love delivering prints the night of your wedding so that you have something to look at the next morning.
Expert Advice: Trust your photographer to take you out at the right times of day and night to get the best portraits. Our job is to find the best light we can in the time we are allowed.
Weddings of Note: I have been a lifelong baseball fan and this past year, I had a client who was a professional baseball player. It was such a joy and privilege to photograph their wedding.
The Look: My photographic style combines an editorial edge with fine art principles. I seek to document weddings with my clients’ vision in mind and to capture honest moments with a palpable, soft beauty. I utilize natural light and location to inform the composition of each photo.
The Approach: From location scouting to timeline intricacies, we collaborate with planners and venues to ensure no detail is overlooked. My team and I strive to not only be our clients’ photographers, but also their guides throughout the day to ensure they can relax and enjoy their celebrations.
Expert Advice: Lighting is everything. The time of year, and subsequently the time of the sunset, play a large role as to when is best for portraits. From the angle of the altar outdoors to the uplighting in the tent, tiny adjustments can have a huge impact on making sure your photos are captured in the best light.
Weddings of Note: Photographing tennis star Lucas Pouille’s wedding to Clémence Bertrand in a private villa on the Cap d’Antibes was a true highlight.

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