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Finding the perfect wedding gift can feel a little overwhelming. You want to pick out something that shows how much they both mean to you, and you also want them to both love it. The best wedding gifts are ones that are sentimental, practical, and thoughtful—something they’ll actually use and appreciate. For a same-sex wedding, a Mrs. and Mrs. gift can be a fun option that will always remind them of their union.
You can choose to either purchase a small, fun wedding gift, and give that alongside a card with money, or you can just focus on buying something bigger. You may even want to buy a few smaller items and put them together in a themed basket. Great gift options include items for a honeymoon, pieces of home décor that will remind them of their special night, and keepsake items they’ll love forever cherish.
If you're not sure where to start, we've put together some of the best Mrs. and Mrs. gifts out there.
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Consider buying the couple matching velvet "Mrs." makeup bags that they can use for a million different things. If you want to get creative, fill the bags with smaller items like makeup or jewelry.
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This rainbow heart print is so cute and unique, and it's perfect if the couple has decided to share their last name. Get the date of their wedding night on there as well to make it feel extra special.
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Who wouldn't appreciate a great cheese board? This set comes with pretty much everything the couple will need to put one together. The board has thick grooves for holding snacks and a hidden drawer with cheese knives inside, and it also comes with a cheese board guide for ideas.
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One can never have too many cozy sweatshirts, so why not buy the couple a matching set? This cute option says "Wifey" and you can add the year they were married to make it feel more personalized. It offers a comfortable fit and comes in a wide variety of colors.

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A more subtle way to show off their newly married status is through this sweet gold Mrs. necklace. Buy them a matching set as a nice wedding gift. We love the tiny sparkling stone that adds just a touch of glam to an otherwise simple necklace.
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If they love a good glass of wine, then a set of fun matching wine glasses is a simple gift idea. If you want to make this feel more elaborate, add a bottle of wine or two (bonus points if you know their favorite kind!).
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If the couple celebrates Christmas then a commemorative ornament is a must. This one is cute and simple, versatile, and has the couple's wedding year on it.
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If you know the couple is big on coffee or tea, a set of matching mugs is a cute idea. This set is definitely unique and is a nice change of pace from the matching "Mrs. and Mrs." mugs out there. The set also comes with a ring dish you can add the couple's initials to.
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If the newlyweds identify as brides, then these clear glass mugs are sure to be a hit. After all, there are only so many times in one's life where you can use items labeled "bride," so why not help them take advantage of that?
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We love this wooden photo frame for all of its simplicity and rustic charm. You can personalize it with the couple's name and wedding date. They will definitely have a photo from their special day that they want to show off!
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These black and white matching t-shirts are perfect for the day-after-the-wedding brunch, their honeymoon, or just for lounging around in. The cute rainbow heart is a colorful addition.
Courtesy of Things Remembered
Whether the couple just purchased a new home together or not, they can probably use a nice wooden cutting board. This one is engraved with "Mrs. and Mrs." and has grooved sides and little feet to keep it from sliding. You can also add a personalized message on the bottom.
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These handmade pillowcases say "wifey" with a little heart at the end. Soft, cozy, and super versatile, these make for a great and loving piece of home décor.
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These matching Mrs. necklaces are another great option if you want to gift jewelry. You can choose between gold or silver (or do one of each!), and they're both simple and beautiful.
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A matching set of ring dishes is a sweet and small gift idea. This heart-shaped dish with a metallic gold finish isn't as tiny as some other ring dishes, so it's nice because it can hold other pieces of jewelry as well.
Courtesy of Nordstrom
This silky pajama short set is a nice luxe gift that they can wear during their honeymoon, or really whenever. Soft, comfy, and airy, these are made of a lovely satin.
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This personalized and framed gift is a thoughtful piece of wall art that they can hang in their bedroom or elsewhere. The message is a sweet one all about love and marriage, and it comes framed.
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A keepsake box is a nice gift idea for after a wedding: they can fill it with small mementos from the day. This one is so simple and pretty, and reviewers say it's great quality as well. You could also fill it with some smaller items if you wanted to.
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This set of matching wifey mugs is a little bit different in the best way. We love how they feature different fonts and the wedding date of the happy couple. This is great for two people with different personalities.
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This "Miss to Mrs" luggage tag is a great honeymoon gift for the couple that is traveling somewhere—or just a great gift for couples who travel often. It's a cute add-on and you can get them a matching set.
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This art print is fun, whimsical, and easy to personalize. You can choose between different skin tones and hair colors to make it seem more like the couple, and you can also add their names to make it feel more special.
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Colorful and sweet, this trinket dish is a nice small gift, and you can buy just one or two matching pairs. We love the initials and the tiny rainbow that makes a big statement.
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This unique throw pillow would make a cute addition to any bedroom or living room couch. It can be customized with their names and the year of their wedding, and their hair colors.
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