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Known for standing up to Kim and Barry Plath, Ethan’s wife Olivia runs a successful wedding photography business. She’s a great photographer.
Olivia Plath from Welcome to Plathville is known for her clashes with Kim and Barry Plath, but she’s also a wedding photographer, and we have lots of facts about her job to share. Olivia is married to Ethan Plath, and their relationship has been negatively impacted by problems with his strict Fundamentalist parents, Kim and Barry. Olivia and Ethan stick it out as a couple, but they’ve had to deal with a lot of disapproval from his mom and dad. Kim and Barry think Olivia is a bad influence. However, many fans think they are too hard on Olivia. Ethan’s wife isn’t exactly an out-of-control wild child, despite describing herself as “wild at heart” in her website bio. No matter what happens with her husband and in-laws, Olivia has her photography skills to fall back on. There is much more to her life than family drama.
This Welcome to Plathville star is a raving beauty with a noticeable resemblance to Gossip Girl legend Blake Lively, and she loves capturing the beauty in others while doing her job. While she recently stated via her @oliviamarieplath Instagram that she’s “working through a lot” with Ethan, her business appears to be thriving. She frequently posts pictures of happy couples on her IG, and the pictures that she takes are definitely pleasing to the eye. Whether she’s shooting couples indoors or outdoors, she has a great eye and her technical photography skills are impressive.
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Olivia’s personal website Olivia Marie Plath includes a lot of information about her photography services, as well as interesting tidbits about her life. Welcome to Plathville fans who want to hire Olivia as a wedding photographer can contact her through her website. She has a Web page, “Let’s Chat,” which features a convenient online form that prospective clients can use to connect. On her IG, she features the couples who are her clients, and plenty of them sing her praises in the comments. However, she also posts pictures of herself, including the picture below, which she posted on her recent April 25 birthday:
A post shared by Olivia Marie Plath (@oliviamarieplath)
Fans may notice Olivia’s red hair in the photo above. She always dreamed of trying fiery locks, so she went for it. She’s got a brave spirit, and like Moriah Plath, she’s interested in things that Kim and Barry surely dislike, such as tattoos. She’s just as risk-taking when it comes to wedding photography. She loves taking pics at destination weddings because she is into travel. She uses a range of different photography styles to get exciting effects. She can do misty and romantic portraiture or crisp and vibrant shots with a contemporary feel. See a gorgeous pre-wedding portrait by Olivia below, via her Instagram:
A post shared by Olivia Marie Plath (@oliviamarieplath)
While Olivia makes money through Welcome to Plathville, her photography business is her bread and butter. Before her photographer days, she did some interesting jobs. She was a roofing foreperson and a massage therapist’s secretary. Now, she’s found the perfect job.
When taking photographs, she has a keen sense of aesthetics, as well as a sense of adventure. She brings a part of herself to every single picture that she takes. Fans who want to get their wedding pictures taken by a bona fide Welcome to Plathville star may want to reach out to Olivia today. Olivia says she’s been “finding her voice” after season 2 and this empowered woman shows her strength through her career success.
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