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In Peacock’s Wolf Like Me, Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast) stars as Gary, a newly single father still grieving the loss of his wife and struggling to connect with his daughter, Emma, played by Ariel Joy Donoghue (High Life). Then along comes Isla Fisher’s (Wedding Crashers, Godmothered) Mary, who has a dark secret and somehow an even more complicated past than Gary.
Created by Abe Forsythe (Little Monsters), the six-episode season’s core mystery has been kept under wraps until premiere day, Jan. 13, and SYFY has an exclusive look into what that mystery is. It’s right in the title: As you’ll learn in the above video, once a month, Mary turns into a wolf. Even as the universe seems to be pushing them together, Mary’s scruffy, exceptionally violent little problem presents plenty of challenges to their burgeoning connection.
"I felt for an audience, the metaphor can be whatever you bring to a relationship, whatever baggage you have, whatever thing you are scared of actually revealing," Forsythe told SYFY in an interview ahead of the series premiere. "It allows the audience to follow this in whichever way they want to follow it. They can just follow it and have fun and treat it as a genre piece. But that's actually not how I intended it. I intended it for people [to] have fun, but actually be surprised at what [they] could potentially reflect back onto it."
Check out the above teaser for a first look at Gary witnessing Mary’s transformation, and look below for official character portraits! You can watch all six episodes of Wolf Like Me, now streaming exclusively on Peacock.
Photo: Peacock
Photo: Peacock

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