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Purdue dominated from the opening jump Friday night, in a 92-65 win over Nebraska.
Our post-game analysis and Wrap Video.
Even considering how much he means to this Boilermaker team as is, Jaden Ivey’s been able to mean so much more.
He’s starting to.
Two games in a row, following the Wisconsin game, Ivey’s been excellent defensively. Perfect? No, but really good, whereas before he’s been inconsistent in his attentiveness and such.
He admitted on Friday night that he’s perhaps been overly focused on offense, at the expense of becoming the two-way player Purdue’s hoped he’d become this season.
The past two games, Ivey’s been very good. He did a nice job when he was head to head with Jalen Pickett of Penn State, often having to pressure Pickett bringing the ball up the floor. He was very good against Nebraska and star freshman Bryce McGowens.
He has clearly been more engaged from a team defense perspective and not playing for as many steals and taking as many risks. The past two games, there’s been only one really apparent breakdown on his part.
If this is just the beginning of a trend for Ivey, Purdue’s going to be way better off. His emergence alone would take the Boilermakers to another level defensively, and any upward mobility defensively raises this team’s overall ceiling a couple pegs.
This is really significant, really something to build on, and seemingly one of the positives that might have come from the Wisconsin loss.

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