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It is rightly said that the bride and groom need at least 7 days of relaxation before their nuptials. However, this is rarely the case as even the most organised of individuals find that some things tend to go wrong on their wedding day. Right from the décor you wanted to matters of money and your budget for the nuptials, take a look at some of the things that may go awry on your special day.
Even though you may have meticulously planned every aspect of your wedding, there tend to be last minute costs. Right from flowers you need last minute, the tips you must pay service staff to snacks for unexpected guests and even for booking extra rooms for those who may show up last minute to attend your nuptials. Having some petty cash set aside for your big day is a good idea.
wedding planning problems
It is often the case that deliverables and the expected outcome is far from the one you see in reality. Hence with changes in the quality of service offered or with the wedding décor at the venue lacking in quality, it is natural to get into disagreements with vendors. Whether or not you have a wedding planner, you may find that certain vendors under deliver.
You may wish to prepare everything well in advance. But in reality, you’re swamped with wedding related tasks right from last minute fittings for your bridal outfit to the cocktail party tuxedo you wish to wear and other nitty-gritties. Most couples rush to the mandap on their wedding, while recalling last minute tasks they might have forgotten to do. Ensure you plan well in advance and delegate things to your close friends and relatives so that you can relax a little.
wedding planning problem
The stress of planning your ceremonies, co-ordinating the arrival of your guests, keeping track of the budget and lots of other rituals can prove to be overwhelming for the bride and groom-to-be. Hence, you may feel inundated with tasks and decisions you must make to an extent where you get cold feet. There will probably come a time when you lose sight of the big picture and wonder why you’re going through with such a hectic wedding in the first place.
At such times, all you must do is think of the time you proposed to your love or decided to marry your soulmate. The rush of love will erode all the negative feelings that you may have on your big day.
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