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First, Cara (Taylor Cole) and Ben (Jack Turner) met in a chance encounter when there was a reservations mix-up at a ski chalet in One Winter Weekend. Through the course of the movie Cara and Ben went from annoying each other to, as you may have guessed, finding a spark that ultimately leads them to both move past their recent breakups and give love another chance.
Then came the second installment in the series, One Winter Proposal, set one year after the first movie. Cara and Ben return and struggle to find a balance between their busy careers and their love, but as the name implies, marriage is on their minds. Now, the whole cast is back including Cole and Turner as Cara and Ben as well as Rukiya Bernard (Nancy Drew, Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing) and Dewshane Williams (In the Dark, The Umbrella Academy) who were also in the first two films. They all reunite in the latest chapter, One Perfect Wedding, premiering on Hallmark Channel this Saturday night as a part of the network's Spring Fling programming.
Lucky for all of us, Hallmark has given us an exclusive sneak peek to the newest adventures of this couple and their friends as they return to the Clara Lake chalet where Cara and Ben first met and fell in love. Check out this special preview in the clip above. The happy couple has decided that due to Cara's international book tour and Ben's busy schedule as he expands his business, that they are going to just have an intimate wedding where they met with just a small group of friends and family, but they only give themselves 10 days to plan. This shouldn't be a problem though as they do have the help of their best friends, Megan (Bernard) and Sean (Williams). Of course, some wires are crossed, mishaps occur in the planning, and Cara becomes distracted by a Clara Lake mystery she is determined to solve. But we are sure things will come together for these lovebirds. Hallmark's specialty is happy ever after, after all.
Tune in to One Perfect Wedding, debuting this Saturday, April 3 at 9:00PM EST/ 8:00PM CST on Hallmark Channel.

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