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It’s nearly time for Paris Hilton, heiress and DJ, to get hitched to her venture capitalist boyfriend Carter Reum—and the master of self-promotion is going all-out for her big day.
It’s a big week for engaged American heiresses: after Ivy Love Getty’s hate-watch of a wedding, which featured Nancy Pelosi officiating and IV drips for hungover guests, it’s nearly time for Paris Hilton to walk down the aisle.
We will get the first glimpse into Hilton’s wedding prep through the series Paris in Love. The show premieres on Peacock on Nov. 11, which is, conveniently, the day of her nuptials to Carter Reum. So what can we expect?
It will be “a multi-day extravaganza,” according to People, featuring 10 dress changes in three days. Hilton, who is 40 and “works” as a DJ these days, plans on tying the knot at her grandfather Barron Hilton’s multimillion-dollar Bel Air estate.
Page Six obtained aerial images that show gigantic pink floral arrangements shaped in the couples’ initials. Hilton has been hush-hush about the location of her wedding. One source told the tabloid that an invitation came in a “blue box” which “sort of looked like a Tiffany’s box” but did not include an exact location.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt now owns the mansion, but Barron Hilton previously occupied it for over 60 years. Paris told Jimmy Fallon that her marathon wedding is “gonna be, like, a three-day affair. We have a lot happening.” Hilton added that she decided to film the preparation and tell fans a little bit about her love story for Peacock because “I found my Prince Charming and my happy fairytale ending.”
Though Hilton technically “found” Reum (pronounced “Reem”), a venture capitalist, 15 years ago (he’s described as a “family friend”) they began dating in earnest during the pandemic, People reports. Hilton loves him because he makes her feel “safe and happy” and he also “reminds” her of her dad, Richard.
The couple became engaged on a private island just before Valentine’s Day of this year. Reum presented Hilton with an engagement ring designed by Louis Cartier’s great-great-grandson, Jean Dousset. Brides somewhat bitchily reported that the piececosts well over $1 million,” but is still “shockingly less” than the other rings she received from past fiancés Chris Zylka and Paris Latsis. (Neither one of those engagements resulted in a marriage.)
Back to Paris In Love: Hilton’s mother Kathy (the standout star of the most recent season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), sister Nicky, and aunt (and RHOBH star) Kyle Richards will all co-star in the series. So will Kris Jenner, because why not? A press release sent to Bravo promised fans “direct access to an authentically real side of Paris that only her closest friends and family have seen so far.” During the series, Hilton will “experience a rollercoaster of emotions, including pre-wedding jitters.”
In a preview, Paris shows her fiancé the old Hilton mansion, and points to the backyard saying, “This is where I used to keep my goat.” A tiny dog, the type that’s synonymous with tote-bag carrying, early-aughts Paris, jumps on her wedding gown train. Paris worries that “all the venues are getting booked up,” and is afraid she might have to get married “at Chuck E Cheese.” Reum tells Paris that her mother needs to “stay in her lane.” (Good luck with that when it comes to Queen Kathy Hilton!) And Nicky wonders if her sister is getting cold feet. Then everyone ugly cries for unknown reasons. The drama!
In an “exclusive,” the tabloid The Sun cited a “production source” who said that Reum “struggled” with the shoot. (He does come off as somewhat wooden, but gamely enthusiastic, in the trailer.) “Carter’s obviously into the wedding but he hates the TV stuff around it,” the unnamed source said. “He’s a nice guy, but he freezes on camera. He’s hating every second of this; I wonder how long he will last.”
Still, it appears like full steam ahead for the couple, who kicked off their “wedding week” with an appearance at the LACMA’s Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles this weekend. Hilton wore a bridal-ish ivory dress by Pamella Roland that came embellished with diamonds. They also went to a Los Angeles Rams football game, where they wore matching jerseys. Hilton was sure to get her enormous ring, the size of a movie theater ice cube, in the shot she posted to Instagram.
Kathy Hilton told Daily Blast Live that she will sew “something old” and “special” into her daughter’s dress for her big day. But to make it there, Paris will have to spend the night before the wedding with her family.
“She must spend the night here with us the night before. That's a tradition,” Kathy said. A tradition that makes for great TV, that is.

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