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The Perfect Wedding Dress On A Budget
Every potential bride looks forward to her wedding day; the perfect decorations, dress, hair, makeup, everything. Every bride wants to outshine her guests with her looks; especially her dress, but getting that perfect dress might cost a lot.
Most brides would love to keep their dresses for their daughter or even redesign it and wear it for occasions.
Finding a dream dress can be stressful and might put a lot of pressure on the soon-to-be bride, especially if she has never gotten married, but no matter the style you choose or budget, these tips can help you choose the perfect dress, without having to break the bank.
Keep an open mind: When shopping for that dress, keep an open mind, even when you have a particular style in mind. When dresses are being brought out, try them and you just might find that dress. Plus, note that when trying out the dresses, your gown might be two sizes bigger than your regular clothes.
Shop early: It is advisable to start searching for that dress a few weeks after the proposal because some dresses take months to be done with, especially if you want a custom-made dress. Even after it is ready, some amendments will be made.
Dress according to your wedding theme: Before getting that dress, make a decision about what you want the theme of your wedding to be. You would not want to be over-dressed or under-dressed for your own wedding.
Shop according to your size: Many soon-to-be brides go for dresses smaller than their actual size, and this makes them go through the pressure of losing so much weight because of starvation. It is advisable to get a dress your current size so that if you remain the same, you would not have to bother with making adjustments but if you lose a little weight, you would make only but a few adjustments that would not ruin the dress.
Wear a proper undergarment: When visiting a bridal shop, it is recommended that you should wear a nude or strapless bra. Because you might just see the perfect dress that is different from what you had in mind. You might want to go for a halter neck dress but eventually purchase a tube dress.
Be realistic with your budget: Before visiting a bridal shop, search online to know the price range and plan accordingly. Do not budget N30,000 for a dress and end up going for that of N100,000. Ask for the dresses within your budget and you will just find the one. Also, remember the veil. Do not focus on the dress alone but remember that bridal dresses come with a few things. If you feel that nothing will stop you from purchasing the dress you want, then save early.
Schedule your appointment on a weekday: While making your budget, it is advisable to schedule a weekday appointment so you would have more time to try out dresses.
Envision the look you are going for: Chic, Classy, Casual, Fairy tale; whatever style you are going for, have a clear vision about it.
Do not overlook departmental stores: Many departmental stores have embraced the bridal business. You can order online or even walk into their bridal section and choose that perfect dress without having to break the bank. You do not need to impress your guests with your dress while owing a vast sum of money. Look for that dress that will keep everyone guessing the price and have the best day of your life.
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